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Licensing, microchipping and vaccinating your dog against rabies

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Dog Licence Application Procedure

Timer showing 15 minutesDogs aged over 3 months can be vaccinated against rabies, microchipped and licensed. According to the law, you are required to license your dog once they are over 5 months of age. You can bring your dog to any of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)’s Anti-Rabies Dog Inoculation and Licensing Centres or Animal Management Centres (AMCs) for licensing and rabies vaccination. No advance booking is necessary. The whole application procedure takes about 15 minutes. The dog licence will be issued to you upon licence fee payment.

Dog licenceYou may also take your dog to any authorised private veterinary surgeons or the SPCA centres for rabies vaccination and microchipping. The licence will be forwarded to you through the veterinary clinic in due course. The private veterinary surgeon may impose an additional charge for the service provided to you.

A dog licence is valid for 3 years and the dog has to be revaccinated against rabies to renew the licence within 3 years. If your dog has been implanted with a compatible microchip, there is no need to implant again.

The licence is not transferable. A dog keeper must advise AFCD in writing any change in ownership or address within 5 days.



A microchip is a very tiny computer chip which carries an identification code on it.

  • It is the size of a grain of rice.
  • It can be easily inserted under the loose skin at the back of the neck and between the shoulders. At the time of injection, it causes only mild discomfort.
  • One microchip will last for the life of the dog.




Introducing this system for dogs will provide for better management and control of the animals. If a dog is lost, it will be easier for the owner to identify his dog under this system and be re-united with it.

The system also enables our Department to identify and prosecute irresponsible dog owners.

Identification and information protection

The microchip contains a unique numeric code that can be read by a scanner held close to the skin of the dog. Details of the dog's ownership and vaccination record are stored in a separate government computer database cross referenced to the microchip code.

Other information

The Rabies Regulation (Cap 421A) requires all dogs over the age of 5 months to be vaccinated against rabies, microchipped and licensed.

Dogs over the age of five months without a valid dog licence, or dogs due for their first vaccination against rabies , should be microchipped, vaccinated and licensed without delay. Dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies and covered under a valid dog licence must be re-vaccinated every 3 years to renew its licence.

The procedure of implanting a microchip

1.Scan to check no microchip has been implanted.
2.Scan the chip to ensure that it is the same number as on the label in the pocket.
3.The chip should be implanted between the shoulder blades. 4.Use the hand to feel the implantation site. 5.Disinfect the skin at the implantation site using cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
6.Using one hand, lift up the skin over the implantation site. 7.Insert the needle at 45° angle with the hup facing up. 8.Quickly push the plunger all the way down and withdraw the needle.  Use cotton ball to compress injection site for 10 seconds to ensure hemostasis.
9.Scan the area to ensure that the chip can be read. 10.Vaccinate the dog against rabies after it has a microchip implanted.

Legislation you need to know:

Person not licensing his/her dog over 5 months of age may be liable to a fine of $10,000.


Fees For Dog Licences (Effective From 16 Feb 2001)

  • Dogs being microchipped, vaccinated and licensed by authorised officers of AFCD: $80
  •  The charge for dogs being microchipped and vaccinated by private veterinary surgeons will vary according to the clinic and the veterinary services provided. If in doubt, contact the clinic.


AMCs Addresses

Dog owners can take their dog to the following AMCs for microchipping, vaccination and licensing:

Map of the four Animal Management Centres (AMCs) New Territories North Animal Management Centre New Territories South Animal Management Centre Kowloon Animal Management Center Hong Kong Animal Management Center

Enquiry: 1823
Tel: 1823

There are other Government Dog Inoculation centres operated in different places at different times of the week. Please contact the above Hotline for details.


Anti-Rabies Dog Inoculation and Licensing Centres Addresses

Anti-Rabies Dog Inoculation and Licensing Centres Addresses Anti-Rabies Dog Inoculation and Licensing Centres Addresses

Other services

Inoculation service for dogs in villages

Many villagers in the New Territories West and North keep dogs. In order to help villagers vaccinate their dogs and renew their dogs’ licences, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) will send inoculation teams to villages to vaccinate villagers’ dogs and give advice to villagers on how to control their dogs properly. For enquiry and appointment, please call 1823.

Inoculation Campaign for dogs on board fishing vessels

Inoculation Campaign for dogs on board fishing vessels in port has been carried out by AFCD since 1980. The aim of the campaign is to provide boat-to-boat inoculation service for boat people's dogs. It is held two times a year at Shataukok, Shau Kei Wan, Sam Mun Chai, Cheung Chau, Sai Kung, Castle Peak Bay and Aberdeen. The campaign is usually held in January and July each year. AFCD will release press release in newspapers and radio broadcast to inform boat people about the campaign.

Leaflets & Posters

Leaflet "Rabies is a fatal but preventable disease"

Leaflet "Rabies is a fatal but preventable disease"

Leaflet "Rabies Vaccination"

Leaflet "Rabies Vaccination"

Poster "Love is Step by Step"

Poster "Love is Step by Step"


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding application/renewal of dog licences

1 Q. How old does my dog have to be before I can apply for a dog licence?
A. Your dog needs to be at least 3 months old, and you must apply for its first dog licence by the age of 5 months.

2 Q. Where can I apply for a dog licence?
A. You can apply for a Dog Licence at any of the following locations:
  • AFCD Animal Management Centres (AMCs)
  • AFCD Dog Inoculation Centres
  • Any authorised private veterinary clinics
  • SPCA centres
For office hours and addresses of the AFCD AMCs and inoculation centres, please refer to
For information regarding private veterinary clinics and SPCA centres, please contact the clinic of your choice or SPCA (Tel: 2802 0501) directly.

3 Q. What do I need to bring to apply for/renew a dog licence in the AFCD Animal Management Centres or Dog Inoculation Centres?
A. You need to bring the following:
  • Your dog
  • Your HKID card
  • Licence fee of $80.00 for each dog in cash
  • Old dog licence (for licence renewal)

4 Q. Can my dog be inoculated if it is sick/on medicine/pregnant/just gave birth?
A. You are advised to consult a registered veterinary surgeon before your dog receives rabies vaccine if you have health concerns for your dog.

5 Q. Can I apply for renewal of my family dog’s licence, which is registered under another member of my family?
A. You may apply for renewal of a dog licence on someone else’s behalf. In this case, you need to provide the authorisation letter of the registered owner and his/her ID card copy in addition to the items stated in Q3. If the registered owner is deceased, you need to provide copy of the dog owner’s death certificate AND copy of proof of relationship of the new owner (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate).

6 Q. My dog was given to me by my friend. How can I apply for a dog licence?
  1. If the dog has never had a dog licence, you can apply for a dog licence through regular procedures (please refer to Q3).
  2. If the dog has a valid licence, you are required to arrange for transfer of dog ownership from your friend before the licence can be renewed. For transfer of dog ownership, you need to provide one of the following documents:
    • Original of the dog licence, with the “Change of keeper” form on its back (column 1 &2) completed and signed, together with HKID copy of the new dog owner; OR
    • (If the original licence is lost) Transfer of dog ownership letter signed by the previous owner, with the dog’s microchip number together with HKID copies of both previous and new dog owners
    *Notes: Transfer of ownership can be applied for in person or by mail for valid licences. If you choose to apply by mail, please send the required documents in part (b) to 5/F, Animal Management Division, Cheung Sha Wan Government Office, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon.
  3. If the dog licence has expired, you are advised to bring your dog together with the documents mentioned in part (b) to any of the Animal Management Centres or Inoculation Centres. Your dog has to be revaccinated against rabies in addition to the change of ownership.

7 Q. I found a dog on the street and want to keep it. Can I apply for a licence for it?
A. Since the dog might be someone’s lost dog, you are advised to bring the dog to any of the AFCD Animal Management Centres during office hours to check on its status as soon as possible.

8 Q. Can we register the dog licence jointly as a couple or under a company?
A. No, a dog licence can only be registered by an individual with a HKID card. A company or joint-ownership is not allowed to register as a dog owner.

9 Q. We are planning to take our dog abroad, when should we renew its licence?
A. Please refer to the vaccination requirements for incoming animals for your destination country. For more information regarding exporting animals, please contact AFCD Import and Export Division.

10 Q. I have lost my dog’s licence. How can I apply for a replacement?
  • If your dog licence has expired, you may bring your dog to one of the Animal Management Centres and apply for a licence renewal instead.
  • If the original licence is still valid, you can contact the Animal Management Centre where the original licence was issued to apply for a replacement licence, at a fee of $82. The dog owner should present his/her ID card for replacement of dog licence.

11 Q. I have registered for AFCD’s Village Inoculation Service, but the service cannot be provided before the expiry date of my dog’s licence. What should I do?
A. In such circumstances, you are strongly advised to bring your dog to one of AFCD’s Animal Management Centres, Dog Inoculation Centres or to a private veterinary clinic for instant licence renewal. A person failing to license his/her dog over 5 months of age may be liable to a fine of $10,000 according to the Rabies Regulation (Cap. 421A).
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