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Before buying a dog, why not consider adoption to save a life?

Your wise decision can alter the destiny of abandoned dogs!

See more details in Adoption.


Please consider adopting a dog. You can save a precious life.

Buying a dog is not the only option; please consider adopting a dog from animal welfare organisations approved by AFCD. Please visit here for more information.

Information about Buying a Dog

A dog

Getting a dog is a serious responsibility. Think carefully before you get one. In particular, find out the needs and requirements of the type of dog you are considering and take time to think carefully whether you can fulfil all its needs during its whole life. You can find more information on caring for dogs on our website here.

Buying a dog is not the only option - there are many healthy dogs with friendly temperament waiting for adoption. You can save a life! Please click here for more information

Under the Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Trading and Breeding) Regulations (Cap. 139B), a licence or permit is required to sell a dog, even if the dog is kept as a pet.

If you have decided to buy rather than adopt, we strongly recommend that you buy a dog from a person who is legally allowed to sell a dog as follows:

  • Licensed Animal Trader
  • Licensed Dog Breeder (Category A or B)
  • Holder of a one-off permit

In addition, anyone who advertises a dog for sale must include their licence or permit number on the advertisement (including internet advertisements).

It is really a great responsibility in buying and looking after a dog, so you must be at least 16 years old to buy a dog.

If you buy a dog from a licensed animal trader or dog breeder, you should:

Check that they have a valid licence issued by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and make sure you are given the following:

  1. Documents proving the source of the puppy
    • If imported from another place - a health certificate issued by the exporting place and a special permit issued by AFCD; or
    • if locally bred - a “Dog Breeder’s Declaration” endorsed by AFCD. You should be given the duplicate copy (in yellow).

The puppy receiving vaccination
  1. Vaccination Certificate (original)

    The dog must have 2 vaccinations given by a registered veterinary surgeon and be at least 10 weeks old.

A receipt of the transaction
  1. Receipt of the transaction with a full description of the dog including its microchip number.
  1. If the dog is over 5 months old, you should also be given the dog licence.

Puppy's microchip number

All dogs for sale must have a microchip implanted - check the microchip number of the dog against all the above documents.

You should visit the licensed premises to have a look at and buy the dog - the licensee is not allowed to physically display the dog anywhere else.

A licensed animal trader or dog breeder should be able to advise you about how to take care of the dog including its dietary requirements, basic training and socialisation, and breed characteristics. They may ask you questions to determine whether you are suitable to take care of the dog, and also ask for proof of age.

If you buy a dog from a one-off permit holder, you should:

Make sure you are given:

  1. Yellow duplicate of the one-off permit; and
  2. Vaccination certificate.

You should check the microchip number of the dog against all the above documents. Remember to submit an application to AFCD for change of dog ownership with the yellow duplicate of the one-off permit. The seller should return the original dog licence to AFCD together with the used permit.

How to choose a healthy dog

Regardless of from whom you buy a dog, you have the right to ask for an independent examination of the dog by a registered veterinary surgeon before buying it.

Some breeds of dog can be affected by inherited conditions. Try and choose a dog bred by a breeder who practises responsible breeding. For example, by screening the parents for inherited conditions whenever possible and choosing mating pairs to prevent inbreeding.

Before buying a dog, one should always examine it closely.

A healthy dog is alert and bright, has bright and clear eyes, a clean nose and no coughing, has a clean and glossy coat, has a clean rear end and has clean ears.

Choose a dog that: Avoid a dog that:
Is alert and bright Is tired and weak which can be caused by:
  • general illness
  • poor nutrition
Has bright and clear eyes, a clean nose and no coughing Has dull or weeping eyes, a runny nose or coughing, which can be caused by:
  • general illness
  • infection
Has clean ears Has dirty ears which can be caused by:
  • ear infection
  • ear mites
Has a clean and glossy coat Has a dull coat or obvious hair loss which can be caused by:
  • fleas, lice, mange (e.g. scabies, demodicosis) or ringworm
  • intestinal worms
  • poor hygiene
  • poor nutrition
Has a clean rear end Has a dirty rear end which can be caused by:
  • diarrhoea
  • gastroenteritis or colitis
  • intestinal worms

If you have any doubt about the health of the dog, or if the seller refuses to let you have an independent health check on the dog or refuses to provide you with the above documents or information, do not buy the dog!


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Leaflet 'Information about Buying a Dog'